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Create a Comprehensive Plan for Aging that Doesn’t Rely on Your Loved Ones

Are You Worried About Who Will Take Care of You?

You enjoy an independent, active lifestyle, but you know that aging doesn’t offer any guarantees. This fact leaves you feeling:
  • Worried there’s no one in your life to support you if or when you need it
  • Anxious that you could become a burden on your family or friends
  • Stressed because you haven’t created a plan for financial or healthcare needs
We believe you can create a safety net for aging that doesn’t rely on your loved ones.

A Long-Term Plan to Help You Live the Full, Independent  Life You Desire

Our goal is to help you:

Be intentional:

Talk through all facets of intentional aging, and build a plan around it.

Explore housing:

Assess your long-term living arrangements, and work the costs into your financial plan.

Build your support team:

Assemble the team who can help safeguard you if you need help.

Our Program is Designed for Individuals and Couples:

Without Children:

Solo agers who lack a traditional support system of children or partner.

With Children:

People who want to remain self-reliant without burdening kids or other loved ones.

We Understand Your Desire to Be Self-Supporting Throughout Your Life

  • We developed our Independent Aging Support System to give clients a financial structure that helps take care of them as they age.
  • We work with nationally recognized experts on aging and are at the forefront of best practices in aging issues.
  • We have years of experience helping clients find the right long-term residential option, including local Life Plan Communities.

A Comprehensive System to Help Safeguard You

Active, independent people often worry that they will become dependent on their family and friends as they age. At Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors, we provide long-term planning to help give you the full, independent life you desire. Our Independent Aging Support System encompasses your financial, residential, estate, long-term care, and other needs to help protect you as you age.
We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Silicon Valley working with Bay Area couples and individuals who want to stop worrying about who will take care of them as they age. Partnering with you, we provide financial planning and investment management to help you continue living the life that inspires you. Our Independent Aging Support System is an ongoing program to comprehensively help you age with grace. Some of the important planning areas we cover with you include:
  • Serving as your thought partner in designing an intentional life, encompassing everything from your community to your support team
  • Estate planning and coordination with your attorney on documents such as powers of attorney and health care directives
  • Creation of a comprehensive support team, including evaluation of a professional fiduciary.
  • Evaluation of readiness for retirement or financial independence
  • Retirement transition planning (e.g., Social Security, health care and Medicare, deferred compensation decisions)
  • Retirement income planning that integrates Social Security, pensions, portfolio withdrawals, guaranteed-income products, home equity, etc.
  • Long-term residential planning, including analysis of life plan communities and other alternatives to staying in your home
  • Investment planning and management
  • Tax planning to minimize lifetime income taxes paid
  • Risk management (property and casualty insurance, life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance) and coordination with your insurance agent/s

How to Work With Us

Step 1

Schedule a short introductory Zoom call to see if we are a good fit for you.

Step 2

Schedule a Getting Acquainted Meeting with our advisory team to discuss our process for helping you.

Step 3

Sign a Wealth Management Service Agreement to start the planning and implementation process.

Are We a Match?

You want to partner with a financial advisor whose expertise is working with people like you. We may be a good fit if you:
  • Are worried about becoming a burden on your loved ones as you age
  • Seek a financial structure to help you maintain an independent lifestyle
  • Want an ongoing relationship with a financial advisor to help you stay on track with your financial goals and manage your investments
  • Have investable assets of more than $2 million

Take the First Step — Schedule a Call

Are you ready to stop worrying that you might become dependent on your family and friends? Take the first step to feeling confident you can continue living the full, independent life you desire. Schedule an introductory call today.

Not Ready for the Full-Service Support System?

Learn whether a life plan community is the right step for you. We help you determine if a life plan community fits financially into your retirement plans and whether this very important decision is right for you.


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