Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors

Let’s Meet

We are experts in helping clients achieve financial independence and do our best work with:


Those who value guidance from a long-term relationship with an expert because they understand achieving financial independence is too important to leave to chance.

$2 Million+

Diligent savers that have accumulated $2 million or more (excluding real estate), or those in special circumstances that will soon result in this level of assets.


Investors who desire to make work optional or retire in the next 3-5 years.

If you think we might be a good match, and you’re interested in learning more about generating retirement income, investing smarter, and reducing taxes – let’s meet.

STEP #1 - Schedule 30 Minute Intro

A quick video conference will allow us both to make sure that your situation matches our expertise and for us to clearly understand any pressing questions you have about your financial situation.

STEP #2 - Full Advisory Team Meeting

The next step is to meet with our full Wealth Advisory team, including Rob Lyman, CFP® (either in-person or virtually). Our goal is to equip you to decide whether we are the right financial advisory firm for you. We will also be prepared to answer any questions you have.
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