Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors

Becca Lyman

Support Advisor

Becca serves as the support advisor for the firm’s clients and is responsible for executing day-to-day wealth-management services.
Becca’s passion is creating structure out of chaos via collaboration, process efficiency, and root cause analysis. She loves how her role at JL Wealth organically mixes the technical analysis of financial planning with the honesty, emotional connection, and integrity required to enable our clients to achieve their true goals.
Becca has extensive experience in project management and construction engineering. She holds a B.S. degree in Civil & Structural Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. After college, Becca spent 10 years in construction management at a large general contractor building higher education healthcare clinics, hospital facilities, and commercial R&D campuses throughout the Bay Area. She also lived in Tokyo and worked with a large Japanese general contractor for 2 years supporting business development and pre-construction efforts between local project teams and American/European clients in the technology and the manufacturing market sector.
Becca has a deep-rooted passion for financial literacy across all economic spectrums. She started her informal financial advising journey just after college teaching financial literacy to high school students as a volunteer through AbleWorks, a local non-profit. In her free time, Becca enjoys stumbling upon urban street art, snowboarding and backcountry skiing, getting pulled into a good book, hiking with friends in beautiful places, and executing home renovation projects with her partner. She also enjoys thought-provoking conversations that expand perspectives on anything from gender to finance and beyond.
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