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What is Wealth Management?

Our Wealth Management process is a highly individualized framework that empowers you to make thoughtful and prudent financial and investment decisions. It enables you to plan for the key financial milestones in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Since 1985, Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors has been refining our approach to Wealth Management, which integrates strategic financial planning and investment management. A strategic financial plan is foundational to creating the life you want — and we bring knowledge, experience, and discipline to that process.

At Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors, we are committed to your success. First and foremost, this means carefully listening to understand the values, principles and desires that you hold most dear. Our entire collaborative planning process is designed around this important tenet. After we listen and understand, our commitment is to help you create that vision.

Creating your Strategic Financial Plan

We work with you to complete a strategic financial analysis that assesses your ability to accomplish your long-term personal, professional and financial goals. This analysis takes into account many things, including your financial resources, projected income streams such as Social Security and pension plans, anticipated capital market rates of return and projected inflation. We are then able to suggest how much you might reasonably choose to spend, gift to family or charities, invest in your community, or use to pursue other important goals.

This analysis also provides a valuable context in which to evaluate important financial issues such as taxes, insurance, investment strategy, retirement, children's education, charitable giving, and estate and legacy planning.

We believe that financial planning is a continuous, dynamic process that addresses all of your financial concerns – in both an ongoing process and when major changes occur in your life.

principles and values major planning goals

Typical Planning Scenarios

Financial Independence

Many of our clients are still accumulating wealth from their employment, business, or profession. All of our clients, however, are eager to know whether what they have already accumulated, or expect to acquire, is adequate to comfortably achieve all of their important goals. Through our comprehensive and rigorous process, we work to guide our clients towards sound, tax-efficient strategies for managing the complex interplay of the following considerations:

Budgeted expenses and resulting savings program
Whether to continue employment or business involvement or to "retire"
Planning a sound post-work distribution strategy (taxable and tax-deferred)
What investment returns to pursue and risks to accept
The amount and timing of family and charitable gifts

Stock-Based Compensation

In addition to direct cash compensation, many of our clients have compensation in the form of stock options (ISOs and non-qualified) and restricted stock. While these stock-based compensation plans are potent sources of wealth accumulation, potential pitfalls include overconcentration in one stock and an overreliance on the success of one company.

Employer Retirement Plans

Many of our clients have access to company benefits programs which may include 401(k)s, deferred compensation, profit sharing and/or a pension plan. We help clients to integrate their company-provided benefits into their overall financial plan. If you are an employer or own a business, we can assist in selecting and implementing an appropriate retirement-plan solution.

Risk Management

We review all of the risks that our clients face including property loss, liability, health, and disability, and evaluate how best to manage these exposures. Often, clients are in a position to protect themselves from many of these risks. In other cases, insurance or some other structure is essential to avoid or mitigate the risk.

We have no vested interest in any particular insurance product or solution. Our clients can therefore depend on a thoroughly competent and unbiased assessment of their overall insurance portfolio, a combination difficult to find elsewhere.

Wealth Transfer

Our advisors are expert in the broad array of estate planning issues and opportunities, including the use of wills and trusts, optimal forms of property ownership, estate and gift taxes, philanthropy, and strategies for property transfer between spouses and through the generations of the client's family.


Many of our clients want to make a difference and have a positive impact during their lives – through volunteer work and charitable giving. Our comprehensive planning process helps clients identify and prioritize their willingness and capacity for making charitable contributions. We then create custom charitable-giving solutions to optimize the use of our clients' financial resources while also using all available tax benefits.

Optimal gift structures might include donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, private or family foundations, direct cash or stock gifts, and a wide variety of charitable trusts such as charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts.

Business Exit Planning

We specialize in helping business owners successfully navigate the single, most critically important financial event of their lives – the successful transition out of their business. Our comprehensive Wealth Management process integrates the creation of your Business Exit Plan with your other key personal goals and financial resources to create a holistic wealth management plan for yourself, your family and your business. We help you set business exit objectives (e.g. when do you want to leave, to whom do you want to sell to and for how much) and devise an optimal, tax-efficient plan that is fully integrated with your personal financial goals. For more information, see For Business Owners.