Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors
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How We Partner With You

We develop a financial plan with you through a series of educational meetings that teach us about you, your goals and your needs. These meetings also provide the tools you need to make critical decisions about your financial life.

Aligning your Values and Goals

Our process begins with an initial Goals Clarification Meeting where we listen to your most important values. Our commitment is to help discern how you can best express those values in your life. After we understand you as a person, we help create and refine your personal, professional and financial goals – focusing on how to align them with your expressed principles. This discernment framework forms the foundation of our strategic planning process.

Creating your Plan

We then present a draft strategic plan that is consistent with our understanding of your intentions, in our second, Presentation Meeting. Your strategic financial plan addresses all aspects of your financial life – including life independence, support for children and grandchildren, investments, taxes, risk management, and charitable and legacy pursuits. Your plan is supported by financial modeling and investment policy recommendations and outlines a comprehensive course of action, described in your written Plan Executive Summary. Subsequent Planning Meetings (typically two per year and more in your first year) allow us to refine your plan as your life unfolds. Your Plan Executive Summary is the living document that provides written expression of your values, goals, and the status of your action plan.

Creating a framework for Action

A key difference in our Wealth Management process is the ongoing support we offer to you in implementing your plan. This framework of support is deeply integrated into our process with commitments documented in your Plan Executive Summary. After many years of building success with our clients, we’ve discovered that this type of support allows them to powerfully move for ward and create new possibility in their lives.

Coordinating your other Professional Advisors

We take responsibility for the successful collaboration among your professional advisory team, including your tax, insurance and estate planning professionals. When appropriate, we communicate pro-actively with your other advisors on important planning issues, facilitating collaboration and inviting each to contribute the best of their individual expertise. In addition, we identify other professionals who might appropriately participate on your team.