The “Big Rocks” blog is the creation of Rob Lyman, CFP®.  Rob is a Lead Advisor and Partner at Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors (www.jlwealth.com), an independent, fee-only, wealth management and strategic financial planning firm in Palo Alto, California.  Rob regularly posts entries on topics that enable readers to plan confidently, invest wisely, and live fully.

“Big Rocks” represent your most important life goals – professionally, personally or in your community.  If living your life is like filling up a bucket, then it’s critically important to put those Big Rocks in first! Otherwise, your life bucket may be filled up with lots of pebbles and sand – the stuff of living certainly, but not the stuff that really matters.  You can read more about this important concept by visiting my inaugural post.  At Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors, the “Big Rocks” concept is so central to serving clients, that it is part of our internal vocabulary to keep us focused on helping them move forward towards their goals.

In this blog, our intention is to share those “Big Rocks” that will enable you to successfully plan your financial future, make smart investment decisions, and move powerfully forward in creating the life you desire.  Interestingly, progress in each of these areas is related to and dependent on understanding and moving forward in the others!

So, if this has peaked your interest – please read on and enjoy!

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